DIGITALEUROPE: A transformational agenda for the digital age

DIGITALEUROPE’s purpose in producing this White Paper is to draw together a wide range of expert opinion. Bringing together research and analysis from many different sources DIGITALEUROPE provides a new and compelling action plan to ensure a successful and competitive future for Europe in the ‘Digital Age’. Wherever possible, we have provided references for the assertions we make. As a research-based White Paper, DIGITALEUROPE aims to provide European policymakers with essential tools and information about Europe’s digital future and what it requires to compete in a globalised world.

This White Paper proceeds in two parts.

Part I comprising Chapters 1, 2 and 3 shows why the realisation of President Barroso’s EU Vision 2020 will depend first and foremost on harnessing the full transformational power of digital technologies.

Part II comprising Chapters 4 and the Recommendations sets out specifi c actions for a Digital Agenda to drive growth and economic prosperity in Europe.

(Please note that we refer repeatedly both to “digital technologies” and “ICT” in what follows. “ICT” derives from Information and Communications Technologies, and is the common acronym used as shorthand to identify the industry sectors based on these technologies, which are today almost exclusively digital technologies).

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DIGITALEUROPE: A transformational agenda for the digital age
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